"As a features writer and sub-editor on Making Money and Sports Insight, John demonstrated a keen eye for detail and talent for getting too grips with a number of diverse subjects, whether for the printed versions of the magazines or online. Flexible, reliable and an excellent communicator, he was a highly valued member of the Partridge Publications editorial team."


Jeff James, Making Money and Sports Insight



"I have had the pleasure of dealing with John for over seven years, beginning with the website www.denofgeek.com in 2009. John has proved himself to be the most consistent, inventive and reliable of writers, always producing entertaining and timely copy. I am happy to say that John is also one of only four or five writers I have ever dealt with whose work can reliably be published without any amendment whatsoever. It's hard to think of higher praise for a writer."


Martin Anderson, Shadowlocked



"These reviews are fantastic and the best I've read anywhere on the net. Just plain brilliant..."


Sulamite Tepfers, commenting on Doctor Who reviews at Shadowlocked



"John is a consummate professional, delivering copy on time and to the brief, and isn't fazed at all by the dry port topics I often present to him."


Carly Fields, Editor, Port Strategy Magazine



"John is a pleasure to work with at ITALY Magazine, he is a consistently good writer who never misses a deadline and always strives to think of unique new ideas that would benefit our audience. We are thankful to have him"


Georgette Jupe Pradier of Italy Magazine