Recently, I have taken up drawing portraits again. As a kid, I used to love drawing - I was fascinated by faces and would try and draw them the best I could. Regrettably, A-level college took the wind out of my drawing sails. It's amazing how one bad teaching experience can put you off art (or any subject you're interested in, come to that). I think it took me about 25 years before I picked up a pencil again...

Anyway, enough of the past, let's look to the future. I will be updating this page on a regular basis with pencil drawings of classic TV programmes and more. If you would like a specially commissioned drawing, please contact me at

Hercule Poirot and Friends.

Doctor Who: The Caves Of Androzani

Nice to see you... The classic days of The Generation Game.

Doctor Who: Pyramids Of Mars

Midsomer Murders

Doctor Who: The Robots Of Death

The Goodies

A portrait of my beautiful family.